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*~_I Tear My Heart Open_~*
_~*I Sew Myself Shut*~_
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22nd-Feb-2005 03:35 pm(no subject)
Halloween // aprillillian

23rd-Jan-2005 09:46 pm - ~*Entry 417*~ Tell me...
Silent doll
Tell me what you REALLY think about me. But do it anonymously. Be honest.
1st-Jan-2005 12:33 am - PUBLIC POST!
Silent doll
I have deleted everyone from my friends list. Mainly because HONESTLY you guys suck. So either you can stop sucking and ask to be added again or you can just delete me.

Well ok not ALL of you suck. But if I didn't delete EVERYBODY (except the icon makers) it wouldn't be fair.
21st-Dec-2003 09:18 pm - *HALT! WHO GOES THERE?!*
Silent doll

• You may ask to be added, but if we have nothing in common or you never comment I won't add you.
• Want to promote your communities? k_o_b_r_a_k_a_i is my spamming journal. Do not promote them here as I will delete it and mark it as spam causing you to get suspended.
• Don't like the first two? Leave.
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